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The focus of this group is geared towards building a community of like minded female entrepreneurs to support and help one another achieving goals, a positive mindset, and creating business pathways for success. All fields and business types are welcome to participate and monthly meetings will be lightly guided by both Lisa & Tasha to maintain an inclusive and positive space for sharing and discussing business topics! Many of us sometimes find ourselves venting about bad experiences or problems in our businesses -- which is encouraged during the meetings -- and will be moderated to keep the entire group on track so that we don't turn it into a "whine fest" but rather a learning circle to share positive & negative experience to grow our businesses from!

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April 16th 2024
12 Galloway Avenue Suite 2F Cockeysville MD 21030

*We are asking everyone to share their thoughts and feelings about our group/community in order to make it better! We also want you to share topics that are important to you that we can learn more about together and work on as a team! If you would like to remain anonymous please fill out the form twice and for the anonymous one include either of our emails as the email address.

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2024 Meetup Dates

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Tuesday April 16th | 6:30P - 8:30P | 12 Galloway Ave. 2F 21111
Monday May 20th | 6:30P - 8:30P | 12 Galloway Ave. 3D 21111
Tuesday June 25th | 6:30P - 8:30P | 12 Galloway Ave. 2F 21111

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