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badass boss bitches

So we both met through a group JUST like the one we are building within our own community. The group we met through consisted of just photographers and met monthly and MANY of our other photographer friends we met through this! We discussed that we thought it was important to create something where not just photographers can meet up together, collaborate, and share things but ALL women owned businesses in general. We all face similar struggles being business owners and we all share those along with specific issues that pertain being to FEMALE business owners. So this group is really going to be for ALL of us who just need that village, that sense of belonging that a lot of times, we as small business owners don't have because it can be such a lonely journey. Explaining to friends who don't own a business how it's not a 40 hour work week, it's more like 80, and how it's difficult to "turn off" the business/personal switch in between the lines is so difficult. So this group is for US to share all of those moments, discuss solutions to things like self care, boundaries, and in general a positive meeting space for like minds!
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